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Trimester #2!

Well, it’s been a minute! I apologize for how long it’s been since I last posted for you all. There really hasn’t been a great excuse other than I just haven’t been motivated to write. When I started this blog, I envisioned myself writing every single day; but that tune sure has changed.

In any case; here we are at WEEK 13! Baby is the size of a lemon and has begun our second trimester. It’s almost unimaginable that we’re already 1/3 of the way through the pregnancy! SO FAST! With it being second semester, I’m really hoping that I start feeling more like myself again. The headaches and nausea are good to go away at any time now. And that glowing skin and healthy hair is welcome to show up… pregnancy pimples are no joke.

A bit of a side note: but as someone who really hasn’t had to deal much with pimples and acne during my life: these hormones have really taken control over my body and I have been breaking out like a teenager. It’s crazy. I had a facial last week when my sister was in town and luckily the esthetician assured me that my skin was fine and should return to normal soon. Bless her! For now, it’s been mask after mask for me!

Anyways, I’ve also hit a pregnancy first in the last few weeks. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans! Now, let me be clear that I’m not really showing at this point, but my jeans are just too tight. As in they barely button, at all. I am so glad that my favorite place, Target, has a pretty good selection for mamas-to-be. I’m not going to sugar-coat it though, I did have a minor breakdown in the fitting room. Let me explain, I first just tried to buy non-maternity jeans in the next size up, but they were so uncomfortable and tight on my belly. High or mid-rise are NOT my friend, and that was sad to me. I’m ALL about body positivity, but let’s be real; no one likes to go a size or two up in jeans, if you say you enjoy that, you’re lying. I think I’ve just been trying to hold onto this sense of normalcy for so long, that this is really the first tangible change… and it will be the first of many. After the initial, minor breakdown, I realized how comfortable the jeans actually are. My normal size, a 6, is even super loose on me; which is probably good so that I have more room to grow into them. Who would have thought that I could actually go DOWN a size in (maternity) pants during pregnancy.

Before I sign off for today; I’m going into school today for a meeting, and I’m also going to tell my boss. I know I shouldn’t be nervous; she’s going to be so excited, but I just can’t help being a little nervous. The fact that I’m going to be gone from my students for 6 weeks this year makes me nervous.

Also; we are taking a trip home in 2 weeks and we’re going to FINALLY tell our parents. Again; this is a face-to-face kind of tell. We just cannot tell them this news over the phone or FaceTime, it wouldn’t be the same.

See you guys soon! ❤️


11 Weeks and Feelin’ it!

Hey all! As of Wednesday, this week, I am officially 11 Weeks along in my pregnancy, and it feels super weird to say that. It feels weird for many reasons, the first and main one being that I’m almost done with my entire first trimester, and that’s something that I cannot even believe. One-third of the pregnancy is almost over and I basically haven’t told anyone yet. Which brings me to my next fact for why it’s weird that I’m already at 11 weeks… because it’s time to start telling people; like everyone. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to tell our families. FYI: We haven’t told them yet because we think this is a face-to-face talk and FaceTime just won’t cut it. Also, our families don’t live in the same state that we do. 😉

What are some of the best pregnancy announcements that you guys have seen? I want to do something super cute, but also am in need of some serious inspiration from great mamas who have done it before. I don’t want to recreate the wheel, after-all.

I suppose I should also ask… do people still SEND pregnancy announcements; like through the mail? I realize that you can post the announcement/photo online via social media, but I kinda feel like this is something that people can have… and put on their fridge?

Let me know below! 🙂

PS: With it being almost at my 12 week mark, I am PRAYING that this nausea/headache/fog goes away soon! I’m not expecting a miracle, but I kinda am.

First Ultrasound


WHAT. A. DAY! Today we had our 10 week visit and it was everything and more!

The first thing we did was head into the ultrasound. I had seen this kind of thing on TV and in movies, but I never, ever imagined what this would feel like, for me, in real life. That big screen on the wall… with MY name in the top right corner; WOW! When the technician started, she focused right onto our baby. I honestly feel like it didn’t feel real until that moment. Call it pregnancy hormones, but the tears just started rolling! We saw his or her little heartbeat; the tiny dot on the screen flickering. We saw his or her little hands and feet forming. We saw his or her little head! And it really looked like a BABY! I can’t believe that after just 10 weeks this little tiny baby looks like, well, a baby.

Let’s also talk about ultrasound pictures. How cool are 3D photos? I think seeing a baby in 3D makes is even more real. It’s a baby that you can really see and imagine holding!

Then it lead us to a blood draw, like 6 vials. Why do they draw so many vials? It’s a lot of blood. Mamas, how often do they need to draw blood? It’s not every visit is it?

Anyways, I just hand to hop on and share about our amazing day! ❤️

NINE weeks!


Well here we are… at the beginning of my ninth week of being a mama. Today I leaned that my baby is the size of a cherry, or a green olive, depending on which app you’re using to follow your pregnancy. I still can’t get over the fact that I already have two months down being pregnant.

To be honest though; despite the fact that time is flying by, I can’t wait until the second trimester starts. Every person I’ve talked to, every nurse, every doctor, every blog has promised that I will feel renewed once it hits. Even more than renewed they all talked about a boost in energy; which you know if you’ve been following me, that I am in desperate need of! Pregnancy tired is beyond any other kind of tired. I literally can sleep like a rock; undisturbed for almost 12 hours.

Also, can we talk about the fact that a baby goes from the size of a poppy seed to a cherry, or green olive, in no time at all. The more research and learning that I do, the more amazed I am. Speaking of growing, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror last night and I could have sworn that I was fully showing. This morning, that went away. #FoodBaby However; soon enough I’ll be showing and my pants are already tighter… which I read can be attributed to your growing uterus, not just all the food I’ve been inhaling.

In any case; week 9 is here and soon week 10; which means my first ultrasound. I cannot wait to see my little babe up on that monitor! 😊



Yesterday was such a good day! You guys, I actually felt more like myself then I have the last few months. I spent most of the day doing nothing, but then I went out and spent some time with my best friend! We went out to catch a Happy Hour and since I hadn’t told her yet, I was a little nervous, but the plan has been to tell her.

So when I get to our table, the waiter right away asks us what we’d like to drink. SHOOT! Stall, stall, stall! “Hmm, let me take a peek at this menu. Maybe a few minutes?” PHEW!

My heart is beating through my chest as I pull up my pregnancy test picture on my phone. My friend is deep into looking at the drink menu when I lay my phone on top of her menu and say: “So…” and then hold my breath.

She looks up and me and squeals, like high pitched squeal! She looks at me with tears forming in her eyes; as tears are forming in my eyes and jumps up from her spot to give me a huge hug. Alright; all is well. I explain that I hadn’t planned to tell her right away into our get-together, but drinks were calling.

I perused the drink menu… MOCKTAILS! Oh my god, this is life changing!

Since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been sipping on Sprite or water whenever I was somewhere that people were drinking. Where have these mocktails been my entire life; and by life, I mean 2 months… The mocktail sipping just added towards my normalcy that existed yesterday!



Woof! I’ve been so MIA this last week and I’m sorry. First, we had friends in town to visit us. Can I tell you how hard it is to hide your pregnancy from your friends when you’re literally dying on the inside and they’re staying in your house?? Yay nausea and headaches. AWFUL.

Also, it’s week 8 now and the nausea is REAL. I’ve been basically religious with my B6 and Unisom, and it has definitely been helping since I only throw up once every few days now. Which I’m still hating; by the way. But I’m still struggling with this nonstop headache. I cannot shake it. I just don’t feel like myself. I honestly feel abnormal. Which is also a reason that I haven’t been writing… because I’m unmotivated as heck now. Like, to do anything. Getting up in the morning… struggle-bus. Taking a shower… ughhhhh!

Now, I do have to cut myself a little slack, because I’m a teacher and my summer is for sleeping in and stretching between showers, BUT, I’m legit so lazy. I just feel like I’m dragging lately. I could sleep the entire day if I really let myself; which I haven’t quite yet…

It’s honestly mind blowing how a little babe; the size of a raspberry, can change your body so much. Pregnancy hormones are REAL and shame on anyone who has ever given a pregnant lady a hard time. There is nothing like this in the world. Damn, women are amazing. WHO RUN THE WORLD? 🌎

Anyways, I’m honestly waiting for the period of time where my hair is fabulous, my skin is clear and glowing, and I finally feel like myself. A little energy kick would be welcome anytime now…



Y’all! Are pregnancy hiccups a thing? The last two days I have had hiccups on and off for hours. I mean, like, deep hiccups! I’ve tried all the tricks: water, holding my breath, peanut butter… no such luck.

It’s honestly sticking in my brain because I genuinely never get hiccups. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had hiccups before this. I swear that yesterday it was out of hand. Friends: is this real or am I freaking out?

Also, definitely threw up yesterday. Just once but it totally caught me off guard since I’ve been doing so well this past week. It was a one-and-done, but still. No thanks!

Anyways… today marks SEVEN weeks! Holy cow! For all you moms who appreciate the size reference: our babe is currently the size of a blueberry; which in my opinion is not a good reference because blueberries range greatly in size. Either way, I’m here for it.

Serious Sense of Smell


You guys, everything that they say about your sense of smell during the first trimester is TRUE! My sense of smell is off the charts! I can smell even the faintest scents and even those can make me gag.

This serious sense of smell tied with my nausea is an absolutely terrible combination. I genuinely feel like everything makes me gag. When I open my fridge: gag. When I step into my garage: gag. It’s AWFUL!

At this point in the pregnancy, I really don’t even remember what it feels like to feel “like myself” again. I’m always hungry, but NOTHING seems appetizing to me. I order something and I instantly regret it when I go to take a bite. The only thing I can stomach in the morning is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and even that doesn’t really seem appealing to me. My husband is constantly asking me why I’m not eating that much and he can’t quite wrap his head around the fact that the minute that food enters my mouth my mind is telling me to throw it up… or out.

Don’t get me wrong, with every day and week that goes by I’m getting more and more excited about our baby, but I just want my head and my stomach to get back to normal. Pretty pleaseeeee!



Well, today was a BUSY day! One of our dear friends got married and it was absolutely gorgeous! But can I just say that #MomTired is a whole new ball-game compared to being regular tired. I think this whole all-day sickness has really taken a toll on me and I’ve been nothing short of exhausted the last three days.

FYI: the actual sickness part has stopped ( 🤞🏼 ), but the headache and minor nausea is still looming around. I’m super thankful to not be chained the toilet anymore though!

Anyways, the wedding was super fun, but by the time it rolled around to 8:30… I was ready for bed! #MomLife

The wedding made me think back to my own wedding and what an amazing time we had with our loved ones, and now that we’re adding a new one to our team… I can’t wait to have a celebration for that! I can honestly say that my wedding was the best day of my life, but I’m thinking this baby is going to shake my rankings up a little. 😉

SIDENOTE: I know everyone says that your energy comes back after the first trimester passes, but I’m looking for that comeback ASAP. When did you mamas start feeling more like yourselves? Let’s hope it won’t be too long for me!

Morn… more like ALL DAY sickness.


Let me start off by apologizing for there being no post yesterday, and no instagram activity. I spent the entire day feeling like absolute trash. Week 6 hit me like a ton of bricks.

That’s right, my PEA-SIZED, he or she is officially the size of a pea, baby has taken control, and I just have to say… morning sickness is NO JOKE! Also, the term “morning sickness” is a lie. All day sickness is a more accurate name. Yesterday, was literally the first day of my sixth week of pregnancy; and the week that women most commonly begin to experience morning sickness. Low and behold, week 6 arrived and brought its friends nausea and vomit.

Here’s a fact about me that many of you can probably relate to: I HATE throwing up. I mean HATE; it’s one of the absolute worst feelings. My face gets hot, I start sweating, and immediately begin to cry. Not that leaning over the toilet should be attractive, but I am NOT a pretty puker. If you have a dog, you’ll get my next reference… you know when it’s the middle of the night and you hear your dog start heaving and know that she’s about to throw up. That’s the equivalent to how I feel; not just the panic to hit the bathroom, but the heaving feeling. When I throw up I feel that to my core. It’s horrendous. And just so you know I’m not exaggerating, I threw up FIVE separate times yesterday, and spent most of the day laying on the bathroom floor. It’s really a pitiful sight to see.

Husband to the rescue; he recommends that we follow the directions from our Prenatal Class and pick up some Vitamin B6 and Unisom to help. This sweet man let me sleep from about 8PM last night to 9AM this morning. I was OUT!

All I have to say is, what a magical mix of medication! It has worked miracles for me today! I’m definitely still not feeling 100, but I spent ZERO times in front of the toilet today; and for that… I thank them! B6 and Unisom… you’re the real MVPs!