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Y’all! Are pregnancy hiccups a thing? The last two days I have had hiccups on and off for hours. I mean, like, deep hiccups! I’ve tried all the tricks: water, holding my breath, peanut butter… no such luck.

It’s honestly sticking in my brain because I genuinely never get hiccups. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had hiccups before this. I swear that yesterday it was out of hand. Friends: is this real or am I freaking out?

Also, definitely threw up yesterday. Just once but it totally caught me off guard since I’ve been doing so well this past week. It was a one-and-done, but still. No thanks!

Anyways… today marks SEVEN weeks! Holy cow! For all you moms who appreciate the size reference: our babe is currently the size of a blueberry; which in my opinion is not a good reference because blueberries range greatly in size. Either way, I’m here for it.


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