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Woof! I’ve been so MIA this last week and I’m sorry. First, we had friends in town to visit us. Can I tell you how hard it is to hide your pregnancy from your friends when you’re literally dying on the inside and they’re staying in your house?? Yay nausea and headaches. AWFUL.

Also, it’s week 8 now and the nausea is REAL. I’ve been basically religious with my B6 and Unisom, and it has definitely been helping since I only throw up once every few days now. Which I’m still hating; by the way. But I’m still struggling with this nonstop headache. I cannot shake it. I just don’t feel like myself. I honestly feel abnormal. Which is also a reason that I haven’t been writing… because I’m unmotivated as heck now. Like, to do anything. Getting up in the morning… struggle-bus. Taking a shower… ughhhhh!

Now, I do have to cut myself a little slack, because I’m a teacher and my summer is for sleeping in and stretching between showers, BUT, I’m legit so lazy. I just feel like I’m dragging lately. I could sleep the entire day if I really let myself; which I haven’t quite yet…

It’s honestly mind blowing how a little babe; the size of a raspberry, can change your body so much. Pregnancy hormones are REAL and shame on anyone who has ever given a pregnant lady a hard time. There is nothing like this in the world. Damn, women are amazing. WHO RUN THE WORLD? 🌎

Anyways, I’m honestly waiting for the period of time where my hair is fabulous, my skin is clear and glowing, and I finally feel like myself. A little energy kick would be welcome anytime now…


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