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11 Weeks and Feelin’ it!

Hey all! As of Wednesday, this week, I am officially 11 Weeks along in my pregnancy, and it feels super weird to say that. It feels weird for many reasons, the first and main one being that I’m almost done with my entire first trimester, and that’s something that I cannot even believe. One-third of the pregnancy is almost over and I basically haven’t told anyone yet. Which brings me to my next fact for why it’s weird that I’m already at 11 weeks… because it’s time to start telling people; like everyone. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to tell our families. FYI: We haven’t told them yet because we think this is a face-to-face talk and FaceTime just won’t cut it. Also, our families don’t live in the same state that we do. 😉

What are some of the best pregnancy announcements that you guys have seen? I want to do something super cute, but also am in need of some serious inspiration from great mamas who have done it before. I don’t want to recreate the wheel, after-all.

I suppose I should also ask… do people still SEND pregnancy announcements; like through the mail? I realize that you can post the announcement/photo online via social media, but I kinda feel like this is something that people can have… and put on their fridge?

Let me know below! 🙂

PS: With it being almost at my 12 week mark, I am PRAYING that this nausea/headache/fog goes away soon! I’m not expecting a miracle, but I kinda am.


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