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Yesterday was such a good day! You guys, I actually felt more like myself then I have the last few months. I spent most of the day doing nothing, but then I went out and spent some time with my best friend! We went out to catch a Happy Hour and since I hadn’t told her yet, I was a little nervous, but the plan has been to tell her.

So when I get to our table, the waiter right away asks us what we’d like to drink. SHOOT! Stall, stall, stall! “Hmm, let me take a peek at this menu. Maybe a few minutes?” PHEW!

My heart is beating through my chest as I pull up my pregnancy test picture on my phone. My friend is deep into looking at the drink menu when I lay my phone on top of her menu and say: “So…” and then hold my breath.

She looks up and me and squeals, like high pitched squeal! She looks at me with tears forming in her eyes; as tears are forming in my eyes and jumps up from her spot to give me a huge hug. Alright; all is well. I explain that I hadn’t planned to tell her right away into our get-together, but drinks were calling.

I perused the drink menu… MOCKTAILS! Oh my god, this is life changing!

Since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been sipping on Sprite or water whenever I was somewhere that people were drinking. Where have these mocktails been my entire life; and by life, I mean 2 months… The mocktail sipping just added towards my normalcy that existed yesterday!


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