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First Ultrasound


WHAT. A. DAY! Today we had our 10 week visit and it was everything and more!

The first thing we did was head into the ultrasound. I had seen this kind of thing on TV and in movies, but I never, ever imagined what this would feel like, for me, in real life. That big screen on the wall… with MY name in the top right corner; WOW! When the technician started, she focused right onto our baby. I honestly feel like it didn’t feel real until that moment. Call it pregnancy hormones, but the tears just started rolling! We saw his or her little heartbeat; the tiny dot on the screen flickering. We saw his or her little hands and feet forming. We saw his or her little head! And it really looked like a BABY! I can’t believe that after just 10 weeks this little tiny baby looks like, well, a baby.

Let’s also talk about ultrasound pictures. How cool are 3D photos? I think seeing a baby in 3D makes is even more real. It’s a baby that you can really see and imagine holding!

Then it lead us to a blood draw, like 6 vials. Why do they draw so many vials? It’s a lot of blood. Mamas, how often do they need to draw blood? It’s not every visit is it?

Anyways, I just hand to hop on and share about our amazing day! ❤️


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